Causes of Depression: Medication & Symptoms


Depression is like the continuous feeling of sadness or losing interest in daily activities. It decreases the ability to do daily routine work at home or the workplace.

Gender Gap

According to some studies, it has been observed that women have more depression cases than males. Usually, these are because of hormonal changes in women. Still, several other factors are involved, like biological, inherited problems, pregnancy issues, and puberty changes that may bring depression in young girls.

Types of Depression

There are many types of depression, but experts divide them into two major categories, which are most common in masses, which are as follows:

1. Major depressive disorder.
2. Persistent depressive disorder.

Other than these two major depressions, some are as follows:

1. Psychotic Depression.
2. Situational Depression.
3. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
4. Bipolar Disorder.
5. Peripartum (Postpartum) Depression.

Causes of Depression

There are many causes of this illness, but some of them are very common, which are as follows:

1. Abuse

child depression

Many people face abusiveness from others’ behaviors from kindergarten to adulthood. This can be physical, sexual, or it can be emotional. In most cases, victims are females because they are weak against men. Most of these cases occur in workplaces.

Males or sometimes women also abuse their partners in their marital life. The reasons behind these behaviors are generally tensions in their daily routines, and they often are unhappy with each other. Most males in their marital life abuse their partner with physical and sexual abuse, whereas women abuse their partners emotionally. These marital situations lead the way to depression for the weak partner.

Many students, both males, and females are abusing fellow students. These abuses occur due to the students’ social behavior. Some of them might be weak in their studies or have hard times in their lives.

2. Major Life Events

causes of depression anxiety

Some people have depression risks because of any life event. It might be any reason such as being divorced, getting a job, or being rejected by someone closer. These life events may cause a severe depressive state in others in society. Many experts also consider why someone gets depressed about those events.  It involves too many factors, like

Personal Insecurity and Anxiety: Many people face personal insecurity. They are unable to sense the situation, perhaps of anxiety. They can’t decide how to handle the situation for better results. This personal Insecurity leads them to a severe depressive state.

3. Death


Some times death of a close friend becomes a reason for depression. For example, when people lose someone with close relationships like life partners, children, parents, or even friends. In this kind of depression, primarily depressed persons isolate themselves from others. They lose interest in taking an influential part in any social gatherings, and avoid phones.

If someone tries to talk with them, firstly, they will not answer, and somehow they will feel a lousy mindset there at that moment. They will speak everything except they will say anything regarding death or suicide in the end. We should not leave them alone in this state of mind because of their current situation. 

4. Use of Drugs

capsule dropping out of jar

Many people using different substances regularly with high quantities may fall under depression risk. Like, Alcohol has adverse effects on the human body. In light of the impact, people lose senses and even commit serious crimes, especially sexual abuse. In severe cases, they fell into a depressive state.

Other than alcohol, there are dozens of dangerous substances in the markets that provide a short time of pleasure. Still, if people use them regularly, they become addicted and eventually fall steeply into depression. Some of these are Heroin, Ice, Ametaphine, etc

5. MedicationNumbers of medicines and capsules

Sometimes a person using any particular type of medication will have depression side effects. Some drugs also increase the risk of depression. For example, the everyday use of the Isotretinoin drug that doctors suggest for skin acne problems has depression side effects. Especially drugs like benzodiazepine & Bromazepam are being prescribed in specific states when people cannot have enough sleep.

Treatment to Cure Depression

Experts divide the treatment of depression into three major categories: natural Treatments, Medications, and a visit to a psychologist.

Natural Treatment: In this type, it is instructed by the concerned expert that changes daily routine, like daily exercising, eating healthy food, avoiding discussions, meet people with smiling faces. Especially ignore the objection.

Medicinal Treatment: Sometimes, doctors add specific drugs to cope with depression. These drugs mainly involve brain activity relaxation—the same medications prescribed for insomnia.

Psychologist Treatment: In some depression cases, doctors recommend the patient visit a psychologist. These experts mainly have all kinds of discussions with patients, and after that, they prescribe any drug or instruct their patients to change their lifestyles.


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