What is Tongue Scraper? Benefits and Types


What Is a Tongue Scraper?

A tongue scraper removes germs, food particles, and dead cells from the tongue. It freshens your breath and lowers the chances of developing cavities or other gum diseases. You can buy it in many sizes and shapes at most drug and convenience stores. It is simple and effectively removes debris from the tongue’s surface.

How to Use a Tongue Scraper

These are simple and convenient tools. Use tongue scraper from the tongue’s rear to its front. After each pull, wash the scraper under water to remove any remaining debris. Keep scraping the tongue from the front until you are satisfied with the results.

Importance of Cleaning Your Tongue

What is the purpose of brushing your tooth? Brushing is not only for stain removal but also to remove bacteria. Your tongue, obviously, also comes into contact with food and drink. It means it is susceptible to bacteria, stains, and debris.

Tongue middle and back have the highest concentration of microorganisms in the mouth. Untreated germs can lead to bad breath and tooth decay. In order to maintain good oral health, it is essential to clean the tongue consistently. If you clean your tongue regularly, It will also improve your sense of taste.

Types Of Tongue Scrapers

a) Tongue Brushes

Tongue brushes are a great option if you need a thorough cleaning. The broad, sharp, and long tip scrubs your tongue’s surface with soft bristles. If your white tongue layer isn’t going away with merely scraping, the combination brush/tongue-scraper will work well.

b) Traditional Tongue Scraper

Use the broad, pointed head of this tongue scraper to remove unwanted tongue coating. The body is long and provides a good grip. The most common and easiest-to-find are traditional.

c) Toothbrushes

Many brands make toothbrushes that use as tongue cleaners or a brush. With the use of the short, gentle bristles, the tongue scraper part of the toothbrush helps to remove any debris from your tongue.

d) U-shaped Tongue Scraper

It is a two-sided scraper that you can hold with both hands. Use the curved section in the center to scrape your tongue forward and backward.

Benefits of Tongue Scrapers?

They have many benefits, especially for those who feel their mouth is not fresh after flossing and brushing. These are just a few advantages that can persuade you to incorporate a tongue scraper in your oral hygiene routine.

a) It Helps Alleviate a Coated Tongue.

A coated tongue is a condition in which the tiny nodules on the tongue get infected with bacteria, dead skin cells, and food debris. Sometimes, food particles will remain on the surface even after brushing the tongue. A tongue scraper removes debris and helps ease the discomfort of a coated tongue.

How to use tongue Scraper Benefits Types and More  

b) Removes Bacteria

The best thing about tongue scraping is the ability to remove bacteria from your tongue. Brushing and rinsing only remove the outer layer, but the cells below continue to thrive. Compared to brushing, research shows that using a tongue scraper can eliminate 79% more bacteria. Bad breath and cavities are caused by streptococci mutans and Lactobacilli, both of which can be removed with the help of a tongue scraper.

c) Support Digestive health

The taste buds and saliva in the mouth play an important role in digestion. A tongue scraper supports a healthy digestive system, which can unblock taste buds and encourage increased saliva production.

d) Prevent Cavities and Gum Disease

It is feasible to lessen the likelihood of dental issues like cavities and gum disease by removing as much plaque as possible from the mouth. Cavities, also known as holes in teeth, develop when plaque and bacteria eat away at the protective enamel coating of teeth and eventually spread into the underlying tooth structure.

Plaque accumulation on teeth is directly correlated to the prevalence of cavities. Daily oral hygiene routines, including brushing, flossing, and scraping the tongue, drastically reduce the amount of plaque that can adhere to teeth.

Plaque and bacteria in the mouth can cause gum disease by damaging the gums and causing them to recede and separate from the teeth. Allowing gum disease to progress can lead to loose or missing teeth when the infection spreads deeper into the ligaments and bone structures that support the teeth.

e) Maintain Fresher Breath

Bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay are due to plaque and bacteria. Bad breath is more likely to occur if there are too much bacteria and plaque in your mouth. It can be treated with a tongue scraper. It removes significant amounts of bacteria from the mouth.

Final Words

What are the advantages of using a tongue swapper? To begin with, tongue scraping eliminates two types of bacteria: lactobacilli and streptococci. These bacteria can cause bad breath or dental decay. The second advantage of scratching your tongue is that it might enhance your taste.

Because a clean tongue can distinguish between different taste sensations, this is why it is so beneficial. Toxins in your mouth can be eliminated by tongue scraping. You should include tongue-scraping into your daily oral care routine, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist.


To what extent should we use a tongue scraper?

Use at least twice daily if you want a clean and clear tongue. You will be able to distinguish between the flavors and feel fresh.

Is there is a risk of causing damage to your taste buds by using a tongue scraper?

While these are effective in cleaning your tongue, they can cause damage to your tongue due to their design. A tongue scraper with sharp edges is the best.

What is the best time to use a tongue scraper?

It is a great tool to ensure that your tongue doesn’t collect toothpaste after you brush your teeth. It is recommended that you use it after brushing your teeth..



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