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What is Kybella Injection? Uses, Recovery, Cost, and More

What Are Kybella Injections?

Kybella Injection uses to improve the appearance of one’s skin by reducing moderate or severe fat under the cheeks. It is a non-surgical treatment in which the drug is injected locally. Synthetic deoxycholic acid is used in the injections because it kills fat cells.

Each treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes and involves 20 to 50 injections under your chin. Your physician will indicate injection sites before the procedure. Before administering injections, a numbing cream is administered topically to the intended injection sites. 

With a gap of one month between sessions, you can have as many as six Kybella sessions. Many people love that it can replace liposuction and other surgical procedures.

How Kybella Injection Works

Kybella is a nonhuman and non-animal form of deoxycholic acid, which acts as a cytolytic agent. A naturally occurring chemical in humans, deoxycholic acid facilitates the digestion and elimination of adipose tissue. This solution injects to help reduce fat around the neck and chin.

Losing weight typically has no effect in these regions. Often the neck contour is hereditary, and patients have difficulty slimming down without cosmetic treatment: FDA-approved Kybella, a method to reduce submental fat and create a defined neck contour.

Injections are made directly into submental or chin fat to eliminate localized fat deposits. The treatment is quick and requires minimal downtime. It does not require surgery.


Swelling, redness, and transient numbness are all possible after the surgery. Discomfort and swelling could occur at times. These symptoms will pass quickly and are usually temporary. The swelling usually disappears within a few days or weeks, and you can resume your normal activities.

Because it takes a shorter time to recover, it is preferred by most people over liposuction. It takes six to eight weeks average time to see the effects. It’s possible to occur nerve damage, dysphagia, and difficulty swallowing. However, this is rare and temporary.

Is Kybella Injection Safe?

There are no such health risks related to kybella. Although, there is a remote possibility that nerve injury will occur, resulting in an asymmetrical grin and difficulties swallowing. The majority of nerve injury cases are transitory.

Is Kybella Injection Safe

The use is exclusively authorized for the submental region chin area. If it injects into other body areas, it may cause additional health hazards.

How Much Does Kybella Injection Cost?

The total price of injections is proportional to the required injections. Kybella treatments range between $600 and $1200 per session. For optimal results, most patients need two sessions. However, this can vary depending on your individual needs and desired outcome.

During the Procedure

A certified doctor will administer the injections in a doctor’s office or a spa-like environment. Your healthcare provider will first mark the site of the Kybella injections on your skin using a marker.

Next, they will apply a topical numbing cream/agent or ice pack to ease the pain and discomfort. The dosage and course of treatment will determine by your doctor’s examination of the skin under your chin.

How Much Does Kybella Injection Cost?

You can receive up to 50 Kybella injections in one syringe. The procedure is quick and takes between 20-30 minutes. These injections insert approximately 1 cm apart in the targeted area.

For best results, you will need six injections spaced over a minimum of one month. You may require two treatments if you have a lot of submental fat. Both treatments must be at least four to six weeks apart.

Preparing for Kybella Injection

Only a trained medical expert provides therapy. Any work done to your face, neck, or chin for aesthetic reasons should be brought to everyone’s attention. It’s important to let your doctor know about any preexisting conditions, such as a history of bleeding disorders or trouble swallowing, before beginning any treatment.

The danger of infection from these injections minimize by keeping your face clean, but other than that, there’s not much you can do to get ready for them. Never use any other medications before consulting with your doctor about the injections.

How Long Does Kybella Last?

In most cases, it takes between four and six weeks for the results of Kybella to become evident. In contrast to Botox, the effects of injections can persist for years rather than just six months, which is one of the reasons why some patients find these injections quite appealing.

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