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Why Are American Teens So Sad?

Why Are American Teens So Sad?

This time is too challenging for the United States. It is because they are facing a massive crisis due to their adults who are facing the issue of stress and depression. According to surveys, sadness, and depression increased from 24 % to 44 % in 10 years. This percentage is the highest percentage ever recorded in any case study. In many types of research, the students also claim they feel very anxious and depressed. Because of this, they cannot pay heed to their activities.

This isn’t the result of a single survey. The US government takes charge of the issue and takes surveys of more than eight thousand high schools. All this survey is done in just the early six months of 2021. Almost all children are mature in high school and can explore their feelings correctly.

During the survey, every one girl among four claimed that she thought to make suicide in the days of the pandemic. On the other hand, two of every four boys claim the same thing. They hide their reason for these thoughts, which is well described; these American teens are so sad.

Why Are American Teens So Sad

We all may think they try to do that because they are far from their loveable friends, but this is not true. It is because the rate of sadness was the same for everyone. It does not matter whether they have girlfriends or boyfriends. The result was the same in almost every age and race. The gay teens and ordinary teens both claimed the same thing. Those who do sex with girls or boys and those who do not make any of this happen were on the same page. So, why are teen Americans so sad?

What Causes Sadness?

There are some possible reasons for the issue, but I want to talk about some misbehaves we have for teens. We are treating teens. Many teens are trying to make themselves better. You can quickly notice that my claim is correct with a little focus. It is because the rate of teens misbehaving with others is meager now.

They are no longer drinking. The percentage of alcohol addict teens has decreased by almost half in the previous 20 years. In addition, rape cases are also very down, and street fights also have a downfall. Most teenagers are moody and have an attitude. Due to this, they don’t tell their issues to others and try to solve them by themselves.

In reality, the problem is not that. They are coming to life these days and face the burden of responsibilities that make them mature. They want to stay silent and like to think of a solution to their issues. So, getting stressed and going depressed for some time is quite normal. Don’t overthink things there and behave like ordinary people.

The third misbelief is that we think that the attitude of sadness they have is the result of the pandemic. It’s not. Again, the responsibilities are just reasons for this behavior.
Now, we talk about some possible causes why American teens are so sad.

Other Reasons

1.  Over-use Of Social Media

Using social media is also a cause of sadness for American teens. Almost every user of it has depression and stress, but the use of smartphones has increased. During the last ten years, American shares in mobile phones have doubled, and using social media also doubled with these investments.

Many scientists have been working on this problem for the last few years. They strongly force us to use social media at a very average rate. We must stay within the limits while using it and maintain consciousness.

Social media indeed makes these young people very close to their friends and social community, but in real social media is just like alcohol which makes everyone behave friendly with others but, in the end, leaves them in a deep zone of stress and depression.

2.  Modern Ways Of Parenting

The other cause of American teens’ sadness may be modern ways of parenting by their parents. They want to make them successful at every cost. For this, they try to make more money to invest in them. In this way, they usually go to a job, and when they are near their children, they talk about overcoming others.

The primary purpose of parents is to make their children more able to fight with the world. This way, more teens want to escape these situations but don’t talk about it to their parents. This makes them sad, which leads them to many harsh conditions. Their thoughts and suicide are coming every day.

All this behavior by parents is the result of copying others. If a person tries to make their child a pilot, many other parents will also go beyond them. They don’t ask their children about their favorite profession. This also leads them to a significant origin of sadness.

Modern Ways Of Parenting

I want to highlight two elements from Julian’s extended essay. The first is that children are growing slower than they did in the past. Nowadays, children are more likely not to drive or find a summer job, or even be required to complete chores. It’s not because kids lack motivation (homework time has increased) or because cleaning dishes will instantly relieve anxiety.

Julian wrote these activities “provide children with two essential things”: tolerating discomfort and a sense of competence. The other thing parents do with their children is not to tell them how to eliminate any unpleasant situation. Parents will try to keep them away from every possible danger or everything which they don’t like.

They do this because they love their child, but in the future, when no one is there with their children to take care of them in this way, getting sad or depressed is standard for any child.


Getting sad or going to stress is expected in today’s lifestyle. No one has time to sit before anyone and talk with him for a few minutes. So, teens who are not mature may go into depression at an early stage of their life. In this way, they may lose many opportunities; they should adapt to make their lives easier.

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