Causes and Treatment of Dark Circles Under Eyes


Dark circles around the eye are a typical problem, particularly for women. Darker circles may appear when you’re exhausted or are suffering from allergies

Some individuals are more susceptible to these conditions than others. It is important to remember that dark circles around the eyes do not pose a threat and do not need treatment.

Many people would like to know how to eliminate these due to cosmetic reasons. Find out more about eliminating bags around the eyes, such as the signs, causes, and treatment options.

Types of dark circles

Dark circles with pigmentation Brown tones: This may result from increased melanin production and uneven distribution of pigment.

Dark, vesical circles The pink, blue or Purple discoloration with puffiness, in certain instances, are caused in the form of veins. This is caused by the loss of facial skin, resulting in a decreased flow of blood and fluid retention.

Dark circles with mixed features: Mix of structural, vascular, and pigmentation characteristics.

Causes of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

dark circles treatment

Dark circles around the eyes are a typical series of signs that include darker skin pigmentation and puffiness that appears in a circular pattern below the eyelids’ lower.

Medically speaking, this region is the infraorbital zone and is the part of the face between the eye’s bottom sockets and the mouth’s roof.

The investigation into what causes dark circles around the eyes is still ongoing. However, some of the reasons have been recognized.

1. Genetics

eye color by genetics

Some individuals are more at risk of having dark circles around their eyes. They might have thin skin or excessive weight accumulation in their infraorbital region that can cause shadows.

There are veins near the skin’s surface in this region, which causes more excellent coloration. Even though these features aren’t something to worry about, they could cause deep dark circles.

Bags around the eyes may be a physical characteristic passed down through generations, which is why it is seen through family lines.

2. Stress or Fatigue

stress cause dark circles

Many people are prone to identifying bag-like or dark circles around their eyes as stress or fatigue. If someone is experiencing stress or fatigue, blood flow to the infraorbital zone could slow.

The pooled blood may cause a deeper color because the skin in this location is thin. In addition, the pooled blood may stretch blood vessels, which can cause bags that are swollen beneath the eye.

3. Age

dark circles with age

Collagen disappears as you age, and your skin tends to thin, so puffiness and dark circles are more prevalent among older people.

The blood vessels that run through the reddish-blue veins under your eyes could be more apparent due to this. Additionally, some individuals may have puffy eyes or hollows beneath their eyes as they get older.

These changes in the physical appearance can create shadows that look like black that appear under the eyes.

How to Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes

While many people wish to rid themselves of dark circles, there is no known method to achieve this. Genetics’ impact on the development dark is crucial.

Because there is no way to alter the genetic makeup of your body, you won’t be able to remove puffiness entirely.

But, some treatments could aid. It is essential to determine the root cause, such as insomnia or allergies, or even thin skin

Once you’ve determined the cause and the cause, you can pick the treatment most likely to be effective for you.

1. Advised At-home Treatments

using eyedrops

Treatment of dark circles requires understanding the reason. But, some home remedies can help you manage the problem. Applying cold compresses can decrease swelling and shrink the blood vessels.

This will minimize your appearance of puffiness and aid in eliminating to a certain extent. Achieving the ideal amount of rest.

Staying off of electronic devices at night, and keeping track of your sleeping habits, assist in the fight against dark circles to an extensive extent.

You should allow yourself 7 to 8 hours of sleep to stop the appearance of these circles. Take a tea bag bath. Applying tea bags cold to your eyes can enhance the appearance of your eyes.

Tea is a source of caffeine and antioxidants that help improve blood circulation, reduce the size of the blood vessels in your body, and decrease water retention under your skin

2. Cutting down on smoking and alcohol

alcohol cause dark circles

Smoking and drinking alcohol may result in premature aging signs like wrinkles and grey hair. This can also increase the darkness around the eyes more quickly.

Reducing your alcohol intake can also help reduce the appearance of a puffy and bloated of your face. This can help lessen the visual effect of dark circles.

3. Protection from sun exposure

dark circles sunlight due to sunlight

Eye protection is as simple as wearing UV-resistant sunglasses, as well as using sunscreen for the eyes can help reduce dark circles result of sunlight exposure. Find a sunscreen with at least an SPF Sun Protection Factor of 30+ and UV-protected sunglasses.

4. Self-Care

self care

Dark eyes may sign that you’re not correctly taking good care of yourself. Take care to get enough sleep, drink plenty of fluids, and refrain from smoking.

Lack of sleep may increase stress levels, which can cause more bags under the eyes. You’ll likely feel better overall, and you may even be able to see your dark circles diminish.

Try to limit the sun’s rays on your skin. Wear sunscreen with a sun-protection percentage (SPF) of at least 30 per day.

Sunglasses and hats shield your skin from sun damage and help prevent dark circles under the eyes from getting worse.

5. Consider Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances administered by a dermatologist to fill in the wrinkles under the skin. They help diminish wrinkles and conceal imperfections under the eyes.

The filler should be administered by an experienced professional. Talk to your primary auto doctor and a dermatologist specialist for conditions of the hair, skin, and nails If you’re interested.


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