8 Causes Of Pain in Upper Left Abdomen Under Ribs


The most likely causes of pain in upper left abdomen under ribs are digestive problems or injuries that affect specific organs of the body.

The ribs connect the spine and clavicle. The ribs are also responsible for protecting numerous vital organs. The left-hand side is where the organs are located. These organs are:

left lung
left kidney

Below, we’ll discuss ten possible causes for upper left abdominal pain below the ribs. We explain why the person suffering from this symptom should consult a doctor.

1. Problems with the spleen

pain in upper left abdomen due to spleen

The spleen is below the belly and behind the lower ribs to your left. Its primary function is cleaning blood, making new blood cells, and storing platelets. It’s also a crucial component of the immunity system.

If it grows larger and swollen, it happens in certain blood-related cancers, such as lymphomas and leukemias. The result is typically pain in upper left abdomen that is not severe but can become more severe over time.

It may also get enlarged in the course of infections, like glandular fever, and in this case, it is a mild pain that can be accompanied by fatigue and frequent bouts of sore throat.

2. Pain coming from the pancreas

pain due to pancreas

The pancreas is present in the middle of the upper portion of your stomach. Pancreas cells create chemical enzymes that help in food digestion.

Pancreas also produce hormones insulin and glucose that use to regulate blood sugar levels.

The pancreas can demage during acute and chronic pancreatitis, which causes stomach discomfort, often accompanied by sick nausea and vomiting.

The pain is typically in the center of the upper portion of your stomach, although you may feel it on the left.

In the case of acute pancreatitis, there is typically a fever, and you may feel uncomfortable in your body. Pancreas cancers can also trigger stomach pain in the upper part of the abdomen.

3. Pain coming from the aorta

pain coming from aorta

The aorta is indeed the brain’s principal major artery. It carries oxygenated blood out of the heart and transfers it through your middle stomach, bringing blood down to your legs and other places.

It can expand in certain people, making it more prone to leakage or bursting. If it leaks, it can cause stomach pain that you notice in your lower back.

If it explodes ruptures, you’ll feel a painful ache in your tummy, back, chest, or stomach and feel extremely unwell. This is a medical problem that has to be addressed right away.

4. Kidney stones and infections

pain in upper left abdomen due to kidney stones

The left kidney is a problem that can cause pain. That is more prominent on the left abdomen side or in the back. However, the pain can extend to the front of the abdomen.

Kidney stones can trigger a painful and severe pain, usually, in the back, that can feel in spasms that range between a few minutes and many hours.

It’s also possible that there’s blood in your faces. The kidney problem may cause pain in any place within the urinary tract.

Starting from the loin back, up towards the front LUQ, or even down to the lower portion of stomach.

An increase in temperature could accompany it, and pain during a frequently going to the toilet.

5. Broken or bruised ribs

broken ribs

A person with bruised or broken ribs may experience pain when taking a breath and moving. Although it isn’t possible to detect the injury, you’ll be able to feel it.

In the majority of cases, injured ribs only require rest. They usually take one to three month to heal. Broken ribs may require more extensive treatment.

There is the risk of a puncture to nearby organs if a rib is broken. Speak to your doctor when you suspect that you suffer from a bruised or broken rib.

6. Cancer

pain in upper left abdomen due to cancer

Tumors of organs in the abdomen’s upper left region may also cause pain. Your physician is the ideal person to determine the root of your discomfort and establish the diagnosis.

This is far from a comprehensive list. Other disorders that produce pain or affect the upper left part of your abdomen could be present.

7. Costochondritis


It happens when the tough tissue cartilage that connects the ribs of your chest to the breastbone costochondral joint is irritated. It can cause acute, sharp pain in your wardrobe and left ribs.

It is due to injuries or straining the area or result of an infection such as an airway infection respiratory.

If the pain is costochondritis, it will become more severe when the body moves abruptly, such as when you cough, sneeze or wheeze, or exercise.

It can also get worse when you lay down. If you believe that pain under your left rib is due to this problem, refrain from doing any activity that causes more stress to your breastbone.

If you are experiencing only minor chest pain but no other symptoms, you can take care of yourself at home, resting and abstaining from activities that can make the pain more severe.

Consult a physician, if you’re feeling breathless and the pain is extreme and suddenly appears.

8. Exercise

pain in upper left abdomen due to exercise

Don’t let joint pain force you from the couch. Training is among the best methods to alleviate the pain of arthritis and help you move more quickly.

Try swimming or walking or exercise using lighter resistance bands and weights to strengthen the muscles that support joints.

Stretches are another excellent method to increase your flexibility. Consult your physician before you begin.


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