Eye Twitching – Causes, Treatment & Prevention.


Minor eye twitching refers to an uncontrollable spasm of the eyelids that can last for several days and then disappear.

The severe eye twitch can last longer and is not permanently gone. Sometimes, the eyelid can contract so strongly that it completely opens and closes.

A severe eye twitch can be highly annoying and disrupt your everyday routine.

Eyelid contraction myokymia


This is the most popular type. It can affect one or both of your eyelids. It usually disappears within a few days. Some techniques to treat myokymia is ti sleep more, reduuce stress, and reducing caffeine intake.


man is twitching his eyes

This involuntary movement can affect both eyes, and it sometimes causes the eyelids of the affected eye to close completely. The spasm can spread to the neck and muscles around the eyes. Botulinum toxins Botox, a treatment that relieves symptoms and very effective.

Hemifacial spasm

Hemifacial spasm eye twitching

This is a more severe spasm that results from rubbing a facial nerve with a blood vessel. The hemifacial muscle spasm causes all muscles on one side to contract involuntarily. Botox can use to relieve symptoms.

However, some patients will need a neurosurgical procedure called microvascular depression to correct the condition.

Why do my eyes get irritated at night?

eye twitching at night

Itchy eyes can make it difficult to fall asleep, especially if they are itchy. Itchy eyes may occur at night for a variety of reasons.

It’s possible that you’re less occupied during the day than at night. When things are quieter, you may feel more at ease with your body.

If you work outside your house a day, you may be exposed to allergies in the evening. Air conditioning might be available at work.

You might open your windows at home to enjoy the cool breeze and possibly pollen from outside.

A more serious condition could be indicated by itchy eyes or other symptoms. You may do things at night that you wouldn’t normally do during the day, exposing you to allergens.

Computer work for long hours can strain your eyes. Moreover, making them dry and itchy at the end of the day. Itching can occur when your eyes are dry during the day, and it may worsen at night.

What is eyelid inflammation?

eyelid inflammation

Your eyelids cover your eyes and protect them against debris and injury. You also have lashes with short, curled hair follicles at the edges of your eyelids

These oil glands are present in these follicles. Sometimes, these oil glands can become blocked or irritated and cause certain eyelid diseases. Blepharitis, also known as eyelid inflammation or blepharitis, is one of these disorders.

What causes eye twitching?

causes of eye twitching

Eyelid twitching is due to a condition known as ocular myokymia. Ocular myokymia is a benign condition that does not cause other problems.

You can cause ocular myokymia by being tired, too caffeine-ed, or even stressed. Delightful essential blepharospasm is one cause of frequent, persistent eye twitching.

This happens when both eyes close at the exact moment or twitch simultaneously. Although researchers aren’t sure what causes it exactly, it can lead to problems in the muscles around your eyes.

The researchers also believe that issues with the Basal Ganglia (a portion of the brain) could play a role. Specific genes can also cause eye twitching.

A rare problem can cause eye twitching in the brain or nervous system. These issues include:

Eye Twitching Treatment

doctor is checking eyes of patient

Eye twitching can last for weeks and cause difficulty opening or seeing. Contact your eye doctor immediately to discuss the next steps.

For botox injection, your doctor may prescribe medicine or a new treatment. Botulinum toxins are injected under the skin near the eyes. Each set of injections stops spasms for approximately three months

The toxin relaxes the muscles under the skin and weakens them. These injections can cause minor bruising around the injection sites, and temporary double vision.

And temporary eyelid drooping. If the botulinum injections aren’t working, then surgery might be necessary.

Treatment Options

eye twitching treatment

Minor eye twitching or eyelid myokymia (or eyelid myokymia) can treat with certain adjustments.

Artificial tears may be prescribed to relieve dry or itchy eyes. While benign essential blepharospasm can’t be cured completely. Although, many non-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical options can help improve the symptoms. These include.

1. Chiropractic treatment
2. Botulinum toxin injection
3. Nutrition therapy
4. Lorazepam
5. Acupuncture
6. Artane and Tritane
7. Biofeedback

People suffering from benign essential blepharospasm can avoid flare-ups by avoiding triggers such as excessive caffeine intake.

Surgery may be an option to eliminate eye-twitching symptoms in severe cases. Myectomy, for instance, involves the removal or partial dissection of nerves and muscles around the eyes.

This procedure is useful to treat hemifacial spasms and the symptoms of benign essential blindness. You can treat eye twitching with a variety of methods.

Change Your Routine

eyes of a girl

You can treat eye strain if you work in an industry that requires you to spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Frequent twitches can identify eye strain.

Relax your eyes and reduce the likelihood of eyelid spasms by taking a walk around your office.

High-stress lifestyles are characterized by stress and lack of sleep. So, add stress-relieving activities like yoga and meditation to your regular routine to minimize tension.

This will increase sleep quality and stop you from twitching eyelids.

Limit Alcohol and Caffeine

using eyedrops in eyes

It is normal to enjoy a cup or two of coffee. However, prolonged and repeated consumption of caffeinated stimulants and alcoholic beverages can cause eye twitches.

It is helpful for the effectiveness of different eye twitching treatments by reducing the amount of alcohol and coffee.


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