What Are Palo Santo, Benefits, And How Is It Used Medicinally?


What is Palo Santo

Palo Santo, a strong, centuries-old medicinal tree native to Peru and Ecuador, is robust. It is now available in organic spice shops, health stores, and beauty shops. Now it is also in candles, bath products, and home decor.

It contains the compound pinene, the Palo Santo root, used as a natural medicine for hundreds of years. It has many of the same healing qualities as some of the most popular healing herbs, such as angelica. Also.it uses to eliminate toxins from the body.

Furthermore, some believe these powerful roots can be used in various ways, including topically, inhaling, or infusing into soaps or candles. It has a positive effect on the skin and other health conditions.


This herb’s most well-known benefit is its anti-inflammatory properties. Although there is a science to explain this, the general idea is that in its raw form, palo santo produces a compound that reduces swelling and irritation.


Repels Mosquito

It repels mosquitoes, as well as termites and flies. Palo santo essential oil contains Limonene. It is a substance with insecticide properties and uses as an insect repellent. 

Reduces Pain

It also offers pain relief. It is an excellent option for arthritis, headaches, and throat pain. This pain-relieving ability of Palo Santo is due to the presence of Limonene in the essential oil. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Substitute for sage

Blue sage, white sage, and blue sage are common herbs for smudging ceremonies. But what if you don’t have sage or need help finding it? Palo Santo is an excellent substitute for sage and has similar properties. It comes from South America’s Andes Mountains.

Because of its similar properties, it is often substituted for sage in smudging. Also, it can help with anxiety and stress relief.

Improves Stress Response

Many people use palo santo as a relaxant. It reduces stress. It is thought to have a cleansing and purifying effect on the mind and body. Moreover, inhaling Limonene was found to be anti-stress and anxiety-reducing in animals. Ingestion of Limonene also decreased stress symptoms in rats.

Repel insects

Summer is the best season to enjoy backyard barbecues, swim, and spend time outside. Pesky insects are also a common problem in the summertime. Pests like flies and mosquitoes can be annoying and a health risk.

There are natural ways to repel bugs. It is one of my favorite natural ways to repel insects

Side effects

These incense sticks can cause headaches, dizziness, and gastrointestinal upset. These side effects usually resolve quickly and are mild. If you have severe side effects, discontinue using it and consult your doctor. Although it can operate safely, exercising caution is always a good idea.

Also, pregnant women and children should avoid smoking, especially palo santo. A smoky environment can harm the baby’s development and respiratory system.

Palo Santo Medicinal use

In a time before Allopathy was a part of medical science, plants were the primary source of medicine for nearly all health problems. Many doctors still use this ancient herbal knowledge to treat health problems.

The List of Herbs covers plants that have medicinal uses. The ability of plants to produce a variety of chemical compounds is a critical feature that allows them to fulfill essential biological functions.

Palo Santo Medicinal use

Many ornamental plants have medical benefits that we need to learn about. It is essential to be aware of the medicinal benefits of every plant in your garden, even those that aren’t herbs. Santo’s medicinal uses include Anti-Cancer, Cold, Combats Stress, Stress, Detoxification, and Immunity.

Is the palo santo tree endangered?

The tree isn’t endangered, even though it is very popular. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed it as the “Least Concern.” It means that the palo santo populations are stable and not at risk. It is essential to purchasing it from ethically and sustainably sourced sources.

Deforestation has been a major factor in harvesting it for many years. It can have adverse effects on the environment. Also, it can also affect local income sources.

It can harvest even without the need to remove trees. You can get the wood from fallen branches and the oil from fruits. Make sure that it is responsibly produced before you buy it. It will ensure that its species is protected and that the native peoples have a source of income.

Where Can We Get Palo Santo From?

You can easily find palo santo in traditional medicine shops, gift boutiques, and plant shops. It uses for pain, inflammation, stress, and other purposes for hundreds of years.


It can help eliminate negative energy. You can use it in all forms. It is essential only to buy it from a trusted seller.


What is palo santo wood good for?

It is a good wood for spiritual purification and cleansing. For centuries, healers and shamans have used the wood’s intense aromatherapy and cleansing properties in South America. Palo santo smoke removes negative energy, emotional blocks, and attachments while restoring balance, clarity, and harmony.

Is sage or palo santo better?

Both are great for clearing out negative energy. However, palo santo is more spiritual. While sage is good at banishing negativity, It can open up the heart chakra and invite positive energy.


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