How to Increase Testosterone


What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is an essential hormone for sex that has numerous roles for both females and men. It aids in increasing the mass of lean muscle, maintains the body’s composition healthily, and helps maintain bone density. It can be found in animals as well as humans. For men, testosterone is created in the testicles.

Testosterone for sex

Women produce through their ovaries, though in less quantity. The pituitary gland and the brain regulate the amount of testosterone released by your body. When it is created, it circulates through blood vessels to perform various essential tasks. Its production rises in puberty and begins to decrease later in middle age.

Why it is Important?

Insufficient testosterone levels in women and men can cause various health issues, including a higher risk of depression and low sex drive, obesity, and osteoporosis. Men with low testosterone are likely more susceptible to depression, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s. While women may experience increased rates of muscular atrophy and weight gain.


Whole industries are based on supplements, pharmaceuticals, light therapy, superfoods, and other less reliable methods of increasing it. Instead of spending a lot of money trying to solve the issue, we’ll examine six easy ways to increase testosterone through movement without using questionable supplements.

Lose Weight

Losing weight is critical because fat cells convert testosterone into estrogen. Losing weight can stop this conversion and also naturally increase hormone levels. Weight gain is not a universal symptom of low testosterone levels in men.

weight loss increase Testosterone

Research has shown that more than 50% of overweight men have hypogonadism due to a lab test, which refers to testosterone levels below 300 ng/dL. A study of fat men who underwent weight reduction surgery revealed that within a year of the procedure, their testosterone increased from a pre-surgery mean of 295 ng/dL to 423 ng/dL after surgery.

Certain studies show that diets with low fat can reduce its levels. The addition of healthy fats like olive oil and avocados to your meals is something you and your doctor should talk about.


In addition to its capacity to aid in losing weight, exercising can also increase testosterone. A study examined males and females who exercised with free weights or used machines for weight lifting for eight weeks. The males who lifted free weights experienced a more significant rise in “free testosterone.” It was more than those who utilized the weight machines.

body building

Weight lifting and strength training are two things most people think of when they think of exercises that build muscles and boost testosterone. Not only is walking an effective type of exercise but so is high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

A study, for instance, that looked at men’s step numbers, and testosterone levels showed that those who walked greater than 4,000 miles each day had lower chances of having low levels than others. Furthermore, for each additional 1,000 steps men took, their levels rose seven ng/dL.


Testosterone levels increase with sleep; that’s why sleep-deprived people might have lower levels. A study looked into testosterone levels of healthy, young males after they slept for 8-10 hours over several nights and then reduced their sleeping to 5 hours per night for eight consecutive nights.

sleep increase Testosterone

The testosterone levels fell between 10% and 15% after eight days of sleep deprivation. “Anything that affects sleep negatively, like the work shift, sleeping disorders, or stress, can adversely influence its production,” Dr. Bajic says. Aim for 8 hours of shut-eye nightly, and prioritize good sleep hygiene.”

If you are suffering from any sleep disorders, like sleep apnea or snoring, visit your physician to confirm and possibly treat using CPAP. You can use CPAP over your face at night to help you breathe and rest comfortably. It also boosts your energy levels during your day, making weight loss much more accessible.

Live Clean

Drug addiction causes decreased testosterone levels. It could be due to chronic alcohol use, but it is not familiar with moderate alcohol intake or opioid use. Other substances, including smoking marijuana or cigarettes, may also affect its levels and the health of sperm and testicular tissue.

Getting More Vitamin D and Zinc

Vitamin D supplementation significantly increased testosterone levels in research. Men with low levels should take in 11 milligrams of zinc and 600 IUs of vitamin D daily, as the American Academy of Family Physicians recommends.

You could eat more zinc-rich foods such as seafood, meat, poultry, whole grains, beans, and nuts or take zinc supplements. Both zinc and vitamin D supplements are readily available on the market.

Minimize Stress

Managing stress can safeguard your mental health, heart health, and relationships. The adrenal glands secrete cortisol, a stress hormone, if we’re under intense psychological or physical stress.


There’s speculation that the stress hormone cortisol can inhibit its production. Scale Up 2016. Additionally, elevated levels of cortisol increase weight gain, and obesity is linked to lower testosterone levels.

Try to Avoid Xenoestrogen and Estrogen-like Products.

Evidence suggests that “endocrine disruptors,” or particular substances, harm animal hormone levels. Plastics often contain bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic substance used in many other items. Personal care products, including shampoos and soaps, also contain phthalates and parabens.

They could be synthetic estrogens or xenoestrogens, which means your body believes they’re estrogen and could alter your hormone balance Wang 2021. However, a small amount of study is currently available on this topic.

Human studies haven’t shown that xenoestrogens, or phytoestrogens, such as soy, can affect testosterone levels Reed 2021. But, some xenoestrogens may be linked to different health issues Wang 2021.


These results demonstrate the versatility of testosterone-boosting strategies. In reality, you can avoid using steroids and instead take an entirely natural, safe, and legal method of boosting your body’s testosterone levels without experiencing any adverse consequences. Who would resist this? Nobody!

From healthy eating habits, diets, and weight loss, to easing stress, sleeping better, and taking supplements, vitamins, and other natural boosters, These can give your body the help it requires. Then why consider anything else? Mix all the preceding points, and you’ll have the recipe for long-term success.


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