BBL Laser Skin Treatment : Uses, Risk, and Side Effects


Broadband light (BBL laser skin treatment), also known as photofacial, use to treat a wide range of skin conditions.

Dermatologists apply this non-invasive procedure to:

  • Take care of skin issues, including rosacea and spider veins.
  • Aid in minimizing the look of skin issues like sunburn, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Even our skin texture and tone.

Please keep reading for additional information about BBL laser therapy, its efficacy, and what to anticipate from a session.

BBL Laser Skin Treatment

laser skin treatment

The most potent IPL (intense pulsed light) gadget on the market is BroadBand Light (BBL) (TM). It raises the bar for addressing skin issues due to ageing, sun damage, and active lifestyles. It can provide permanent hair reduction, dermal renewal, and treatment for pigmented and vascular lesions.

Help you achieve significant skin improvement without the need for surgery. The BBL is a valuable part of any aesthetic practice. BBL laser skin treatment uses visible and infrared broad-spectrum light to heat skin layers, removing unwanted pigmentation and redness.

This system offers exceptional results and a return on investment. Further, it is flexible, fast, efficient, patient, comfortable, and speedy. Physicians can customize treatments for each patient using the broadest range of wavelengths. BBL is more visible and produces better results than other IPL systems.


bbl laser skin treatment

BBL laser therapy improves and brightens your skin by treating your skin problems and stimulating your body’s collagen production. Collagen is a protein that is use in BBL laser skin treatment therapy and gives your skin structure among other things.

The face, neck, chest, and arms the four most common body parts treated with BBL therapy. However, it’s also possible to treat other areas.

BBL treatments can improve the appearance of skin that factors like: have damaged

  • sun exposure
  • unwholesome skin care products
  • Pollution

For conditions such as:

  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • vascular lesions

It improves the firmness, elasticity and color of your skin. Additionally, it can improve your body’s capacity for skin regeneration and healing.

BBL laser skin treatment can also reduce the appearance

  • sun damage
  • Fine lines
  • Lines
  • Scars
  • large pores
  • dull skin
  • Pigmented lesions (freckles and age spots)
  • redness
  • Skin texture and tone may vary
  • Skin that is loose or sagging
  • Hyperpigmentation and melasma

Risks And Side Effects

risk and side effects of laser skin

The area treated may experience redness or swelling lasting for several hours. Despite the possibility of visible bbl laser skin treatment patterns appearing on the skin, they often vanish over time.

You may experience itching or a hive-like appearance. Rarely were non-painful purple or red marks could appear. Over time, these will disappear. Apply a cool compress to the affected area for comfort.

When recuperating, staying away from intense heat and exercise is advisable. Other short-term effects that could occur include discomfort, crusting, and bruising.

Inform the doctor if you notice a blister that forms up to 48 hours following treatment. Scarring is possible, but it is rare. Good medical treatment can minimize this risk.

The skin may develop discolouration, which can include either darkening or lightening. These conditions typically resolve in 2-6 months. Permanent colour changes are rare but more common in patients with darker skin or those who have been exposed to the sun recently.

Although infection is rare after treatment, it’s possible to get cold sores or fever blisters from herpes simplex virus infections.

girl face

Any infection must be reported to the physician so that they can prescribe appropriate medical treatment. Allergy reactions are rare after treatment. As discussed above, some people may experience a hive-like look in the area being treated.

Some people experience localized reactions to topical or cosmetic preparations. Rarely do systemic reactions occur? Permanent hair growth reduction in the area is possible with the procedure. For males with beards, this may be an issue. It could also be beneficial if there is less hair around the area.


How long do BroadBand Light therapy results last?

If you use sun protection regularly, results can last up to one year. To maintain your results, you must have an annual follow-up treatment. “BBL laser skin treatment can remove sun spots very effectively, but it can return over time, and new spots may occur,” Dr Patrick Flaharty from Fort Myers, Florida, an oculoplastic surgery. These treatments are recommended for patients who undergo them annually to maintain a healthy skin texture, colour, and tone. We recommend maintenance treatments at a minimum of once per year.

Is BroadBand Light safe?

This procedure is safe for those with untanned, light skin. Side effects such as burning, hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation can occur in olive or brown skin because the melanin in your skin absorbs light. Chemical peels, non-ablative laser treatments, micro-needling, and dermaplaning are safer options for those with high melanin levels.


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