7 Ways to Get Rid of Headache Naturally


Naturally, headache remedies are cold compress, ginger tea, apple cider vinegar, nuts, cloves, sleep, and drinking enough water.

1. Water

woman is drinking water

Drinking enough water can prevent headaches or lessen the severity of headaches. Dehydration could be a major cause of headaches that are not as severe. It can also alter the way an individual feels, behaves, or thinks.

According to a study published by the Journal Antioxidants trusted Source, even slight dehydration could alter how people function and think. Further, make them feel more uncomfortable regardless of whether they suffer from headache.

The water can help people in this circumstance feel better but certain studies suggest caution. It is observed that drinking water didn’t lessen the time people experienced headaches but did make them feel better.

Being hydrated can be as easy as carrying a bottle of water around and drinking all day. Consuming foods high in liquid, such as fruit and smoothies, and soups could also aid in hydrating.

2. Cold compress

girl is pressing her forehead

A cold compress can be a quick and easy solution to headaches that many people keep in their arsenal. Applying an ice compress or other cold object on the neck or head helps to constrict blood vessels and decrease inflammation within the region.

This can help temporarily ease headache discomfort. A study published in the Hawaiian Journal of Medicine and Public Health trusted Source discovered that applying cold packs to your neck
for over 30 mins significantly reduced the pain of people suffering from headaches.

3. Ginger, The All-Rounder

ginger good for headache

Ginger is a simple remedy that provides immediate relief. It can reduce inflammation of blood vessels in the brain and eases discomfort. Since it promotes digestion, it helps alleviate nausea in migraines.

Wondering how you can utilize this magical ingredient to treat headache? Make tea with ginger or mix equal amounts of lemon juice and ginger juice and drink the mixture. It is possible to drink this one time or twice per day.

It is also possible to apply a mixture of ginger powder and 2 tablespoons of water to your child’s forehead for a couple of minutes to give you quick relief.

4. Sip apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

You’ve likely heard about the many benefits of apple cider vinegar, including decreasing the levels of blood sugar. It turns out that consumption of apple cider vinegar can also aid in preventing headaches or migraines as well.

Apple cider vinegar may help prevent migraines that are due to blood sugar imbalances,” states David Friedman, MD, DC, doctor of natural medicine and a clinical nutritionist.

It’s possible that inhaling steam from apple cider vinegar can aid in reducing sinus headaches. Friedman suggests drinking it straight from the bottle or applying an apple cider vinegar cold compress on your forehead to ease headache.

Despite the lack of scientific data, this treatment is definitely worth a go. Be on the lookout for this negative side effect of Apple cider vinegar.

5. Nuts:

almonds for headache

One of the most effective remedies for headaches is consuming nuts. Nuts such as cashews, pistachios
and almonds, and many others are beneficial to your health. Further, extremely effective as an anxiety and headache relief.

You can create a paste using various nuts and drink a nice beverage with milk warm or consume a handful of nuts at a time. The elimination of toxins in your body eases stress and gives you an overall positive vibe.

6. Cloves To Get Rid Of Headache:

clove oil for headache

Clove acts as an effective pain reliever along with providing your lungs with the sensation of coolness. That is the reason we recommend clove as another headache relief. It is possible to purchase clove oil at
the local pharmacies or crush it into a paste to experience the most effective results.

Inhale the paste, add essential oils, mix it with almond or coconut oil, and rub it gently across the
forehead. This is among the best remedies at home for headaches.

7. Get Adequate Sleep

man is trying to sleep

Some people suffer from headaches as a result of a lack of sleep. For instance, one study looked
at the severity and frequency of headaches among those who had just six or fewer hours of rest
every night and those who slept longer.

The study found that people who had less sleep experienced more frequent migraines. However, taking too much rest has been proven to cause headache. This makes getting the appropriate amount of rest crucial for those searching to prevent headache naturally.

To reap the maximum benefits, You should aim for your “sweet spot” of seven to nine hours of
sleeping each night.


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