7 Home Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth


The 7 most useful tricks are oil pulling, rubbing banana or orange peel, use of baking soda and fruits, custom whitening teeth tray, and brushing regularly.

1. First Things First, Brush Your Teeth Regularly

comparison of yellow and white teeth

Let’s take this off the table immediately. Making sure you clean your teeth on regular basis is the primary method to keep your smile healthy. If you’re not doing it regularly, you need to do so now.

If you’ve been cleaning your teeth regularly, but your teeth continue to be yellow, try brushing more frequently, particularly after meals or drinking that could cause yellowed teeth.

But, it would help if you didn’t scrub immediately following the consumption of acidic food or drinks, as it could cause erosion. For a smile that has more glamour, you can try tooth-whitening toothpaste.

These toothpaste contain mild abrasives that will help remove hard-stained teeth. If you’re experiencing issues with toothpaste, it’s best to consult a dental professional.

2. Oil Pulling

coconut oil

It’s a popular way to keep your teeth in great shape. It is also useful to remove harmful substances from your body and the process is simple.

All you need to do is grab an amount of oil and then put it in your mouth for a duration. The oil will draw the buildup of bacteria away from your teeth and then out of your mouth, keeping it free of plague-related buildup in the future.

The first method uses sunflower oil. However, you can use any oil if sunflower oil isn’t readily available. This is among the most effective ways to ensure your teeth are well-maintained and free of bacteria, thus white.

There are seven of the most effective ways at home to whiten your teeth without synthetic methods or cosmetic procedures. Synthetic procedures are expensive and can harm your teeth over time.

The best option to avoid this is to alter your eating habits and apply natural methods to maintain your teeth’s whiteness. Take note that age can be an element in the discoloration of teeth. So, you may be forced to endure a level of coloration.

3. Eat More Fruits

girl is eating apple

Consuming healthy vegetables and fruits can aid in achieving better health and healthier teeth. Chewing apples and other fruits will protect your teeth from plaque buildup.

You can also use baking soda and strawberries. This is an extremely well-known trick that has grown in popularity.

A small amount of research has revealed that malic acid found in strawberries could remove discoloration and stains on your teeth. However, it isn’t an established, scientifically validated, or approved method.

Pineapple is also thought of as helping in your teeth whitening process. There is a substance in pineapples used in tooth whitening kinds of toothpaste.

You can get the natural dose of this ingredient when you eat pineapples. This is why eating fruits or using them as treatments will help get your teeth whiter

4. Brush Teeth With Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide Paste

before and after teeth condition after using baking soda

Baking soda is known for its teeth-whitening properties, so it is often used in commercials for toothpaste. It aids in removing stains because of its slightly rough nature.

Hydrogen peroxide, on the contrary, is an organic bleaching agent. It also aids in the killing of bacteria. People have been using peroxide to get rid of bacteria in wounds for a long time now.

What will you gain when you make an amalgam of these two ingredients? You can whiten your teeth using this method. Two tbsps of hydrogen peroxide and one tbsp baking soda.

Mix the two ingredients to come up with a mixture. Make use of this paste to clean your teeth regularly. This isn’t magic; you won’t see shiny in just one brushing session.

Apply this paste regularly, and you’ll soon begin to notice the changes. You can make a mouthwash using the same proportion of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and a little water.

Both of the ingredients are safe. However, if you feel you’ve made a mistake, such as using the wrong element, you should consult your dentist.


using a custom whitening tray over teeth

One option that your dentist might suggest to you is designing a custom tray for whitening that is specifically designed to meet the needs of your mouth

The process involves a tray designed by the dentist to be shaped for the patient’s mouth and a less-strong bleaching gel that operates over weeks.

This is how the color change is more durable because the gel is allowed to penetrate the teeth. Results may show up after about two to three weeks of regular usage, but it could take up to six weeks for teeth with yellowing which is more resistant to whitener.

If this method is interesting to you, consult your dentist about the possibility of getting your trays for whitening.


teeth treatment by a doctor

If you’re not sure the best direction to follow when trying to get your teeth whiter, There’s no better place to consult than your dentist.

In addition, a dentist will suggest the best professional whitening procedure that is only carried out in their office.

A bonus is that they can customize the color of white you would like your teeth to appear. The reason is that visiting the dentist may be more beneficial.

Then making it yourself is that dentists can take extra steps to shield your gums, tongues, and cheeks from the bleaching chemicals using gauze, retractors, and barriers.

7. Rub Banana, Orange, Or Lemon Peels:

banana and orange peel

This treatment doesn’t have any scientific evidence backing it, like oil pulling. However, people who have tried it are satisfied with the outcomes.

It does not contain any toxic substances, so why wouldn’t it be? To carry out the “trick,” take a banana or orange peel.

Gently rub the peel onto your teeth. Rub it on for around 2 minutes. Then, completely rinse your mouth and clean your teeth.

The skins of these fruits are a source of citric acid that theoretically aids in teeth whitening. If you’re experiencing sensitivity, your tooth enamel is likely worn down.

In this scenario, it’s not recommended to try this treatment. If you’ve already tried and are experiencing problems in your mouth, seeing your dentist is the immediate response.


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