4 Effective Strategies For True Running Speed Potential



Let us discuss the effective strategies for unlocking our true running speed potential:

Start-Up With A Warm-Up

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Start your workout with a warm-up of about 5-10 minutes. For example, a low-intensity warm-up such as jogging, walking or you can also do cycling, swimming, and riding. If we talk about that what is the main purpose of warm-up?

Warm-ups enhance our muscle performance, as the temperature of our muscles rises, the viscosity or resistance of our muscles decreases. This decreased muscles viscosity results in relaxation and faster muscles contraction, which makes our performance well and good. and makes us ready to cover miles of distances with a little effort.

On the other hand, the excess warm-up can increase your body temperature. It can cause nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps, and sweats more than normal. Stretch each part of your body with the required amount of energy. Don’t stretch it with a greater force else you can suffer from severe injuries.

Steps For Warm Up:

If we talk about the steps of warm-up then let us discuss the five perfect steps of warm-up:

• Mobility (The body can move in different directions without any risk of injury)
• Awareness (It minimizes muscular imbalances)
• Pliability (It increases blood flow, raises your core temperature, and also improves the pliability of your muscles)
• Joints Integrity (It makes your ligaments and tendons remind that they are elastic)
• Prep Movement (It will give you a volume to stimulate muscle growth as well as increase strength)

Running On Hills

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The best speed training is to start running on hills. Its best advantage is it improves the muscle strength of your legs. Likewise, running on hills improves your running performance and makes you a healthier and stronger runner.

You must have to run on hills for about 100 to 200m in length, However, don’t run much on hills that it may affect your muscles or give you a risk of injury. Try to run according to your health and your trainer’s advice. Further, running for about six weeks regularly will increase your muscles strength. Also, improve your speed, and give you more power for better performance.

There are many benefits of uphill running for a fit body, but we must be careful because it needs a maximum amount of energy to run uphill. You may have a breathing problem so you must have to take a break of 5-10 minutes after running for half an hour. It also increases your heart rate.

Steps For Running Uphill

If you talk about the steps of running uphill, then there are a few steps for running:

Let’s discuss them

• Speed Yourself
• View Your Form
• Observe Your Position
• Swap Your Arm Wave
• Come Back To A Standard Step
• Be Attentive Downhill

Half-time Running

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Interval running is for those runners who just prefer running with greater intensity in their workouts than the long, slow jog. It is a great solution for those people who don’t have enough time but want a fit body.

(CDC) Centers for Disease Control and (ACSM) American College Of Sports Medicine suggest that people of age about 18–65 years should participate in average cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes 5 days per week. If you find difficulty in running too much you can also run 20 minutes 3 times per week to meet the requirements.

As we all know there are many advantages of half-time running, but we should also know that interval running has unusual fatigue. For example, it can disturb your sleep, and can also have respiratory infections. It may lose our speed-strength, and endurance.

We may also suffer from body soreness or pain. You must ask trainers or gym masters to guide you on the proper time and method of half-time running and provide a proper schedule on daily basis.

Steps For Half-time Running:

Let us discuss the steps which involve running at a speedy stride than your normal aerobic stride:

• Warm Up your body
• Run at Half-time stride
• Two minutes jogging for recovery
• Repeat this step four times
• Relax for 5-10 minutes and then stretch

Lose your body

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Relax and lose your body and you will be able to run faster with a peaceful mind. To stay loose, first, loosen your jaw and soften your eyes. Take an extensive breadth and blow out forcefully.

As you blow out, give your arms a rapid shake. Return your arms to their standard position, protecting your shoulders down and moderately back, staying relaxed. As we know running is such kind of activity that It may risk severe injuries. To stay protected from injuries, it is important to stay loose while running.

The main point is to stay loose while running. Because it gives a peaceful mind, relaxes your body, and gives you more strength to cover distances without any weakness and without feeling lazy. A peaceful mind means a peaceful and healthier body.



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