Histrionic Personality Disorder


Histrionic Personality Disorder

One of the most challenging issues in history was histrionic personality disorder. In those days, everyone wanted to prove themselves as successful and significant people compared to others. That is why this disorder is directly related to self-esteem and self-confidence. So, crushing others’ self-esteem and confidence is a piece of cake for everyone. Many people try to attract others’ attention by creating unusual, dramatic, and imperfect situations. This disorder is all about them.

By focusing on its name, you will notice that the word “Histrionic” means dramatic, showing, or actorly. The person affected by the issue will create drama to grab everyone’s attention. They do this because they do not have a strong sense of self-worth or stable emotions. Their images are broken both in their eyes and in society’s eyes. The image of the individual relies entirely on others.

The ratio of Histrionic personality disorder is higher among women than among men. If anyone disapproves of them as the best person, they will take it seriously and live as a non-valued individual.

Symptoms Of Histrionic Personality Disorder

As a result of this disorder, the person will have good work skills. They are good at what they do but try to do their job to get other people’s attention. Sometimes, they will manipulate other people instead of getting their attention.

The affected person may:

  1.     Feel uncomfortable even after getting the attention of others.
  2.     Dress inappropriately and feel proud of it.
  3.     Emotions will change rapidly.
  4.     There is a possibility that it may work without honesty and create drama at work or at gatherings.
  5.     Get approval from others after a short period of time.
  6.     Easily manipulated by others and works according to their instructions.
  7.     Due to boredom, they will not finish their project and skip after just starting.
  8.     Make careless decisions and lack patience.
  9.     Work primarily for themselves and not for others.
  10.     Having a dishonest factor in their relationships may not feel good.
  11.     It is even possible for them to attempt suicide in order to attract other attention.

Causes Of HPD

Professionals do not reveal the primary causes, but suggest that both autosomal and inherited factors may play a role. If the disorder runs in the family, the offspring may have it in their genes. Moreover, the offspring may learn it from the behavior of their family members.

Moreover, there are many environmental and behavioral factors involved. Children can also learn this behavior during their growing time by paying enough attention to them, not punishing them for their mistakes, and leading them when they make a mistake. Another environmental issue that leads to this disorder is not enough attention to the child.

The child may develop this disorder if he or she experiences any extreme physical trauma in childhood. It may be caused by abuse in childhood or even the death of a loved one.

How To Diagnose Histrionic Personality Disorder?

This type of problem can be diagnosed by a neurological specialist. He will ask the patient about their symptoms and take physical laboratory tests. In this way, he will do his best to diagnose the issue.

After all therapies and tests, if the doctor finds some symptoms of the disorder, he will provide possible treatments to cure the issue, but if he does not find any problems, he will suggest a psychologist. With the help of some interview setups, they have a proper setup to set up the problem.

How To Treat HPD?

People with histrionic personality disorder often think that exploring their emotions in this way is normal and do not think they deserve any treatment or therapy for it. This makes treatment more challenging. Alternatively, if they understand the situation and want to get rid of any stress or depression they are experiencing, they can seek help from a psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy is not a medication process; visiting the doctor is not necessary. The psychologist is a motivational speaker who will grab the root of the problem and lead you to get rid of it. He will make specific counseling setups to remove you from the disorder. Following are some of these psychotherapist steps:

1.  Group Therapy:

A group counseling approach is described by its name. In it, a professional psychotherapist gathers people affected by HPD in a group and allows them to discuss with one another. As a result, he supervises the discussion and hunts the root cause of the disorder by tracking their words. This is the most effective way to cure it.

2.  Psychodynamic Psychotherapy:

The other most effective treatment is self-analysis under the guidance of a professional therapist. By examining oneself, the patient may discover the cause of the behavior and be ready to avoid it in the future.

3.  Supportive Psychotherapy:

As a result of this therapy, the individual will be able to build their self-esteem and other skills. The person will be able to build his personality and do his best in all his tasks without the curse of attention.

4.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

This is the most oriented and to-the-point therapy. It consists of a psychotherapist analyzing a person’s thoughts and emotions on his own. By doing so, he will be able to learn about the emotions that cause this disorder, making it easier to treat. In order to treat the problem, we will need to unlearn our negative behaviors and adopt new positive behaviors.


The treatment of histrionic personality disorder can be challenging. However, it is also difficult due to the patient’s opinion of himself. Therefore, professional doctors and psychologists use their methods to address the problem. Further, we must help the person facing the problem. As his best friend or companion, we can do this by increasing his self-esteem and teaching him the right way.


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