Alkaline Water: Health Benefits And Risks


Alkaline water has more than seven pH. The pH levels range between zero and 14. It defines the degree of acidity or basicness of the substance.

The normal pH of drinking water ranges from 6.5 and 8.5. Anything above seven indicates more base, for instance, seawater. Anything less is more acidic, such as grapefruit juice.

Typically, alkaline water has a pH of eight or nine. The additional factor is that the water is enriched with alkaline minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium.

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Certain water bodies can be inherently alkaline because of the passage across porous rock and accumulating minerals during the journey. However, most alkaline water is treated at a manufacturing facility.

The plant uses an approach known as electrolysis that makes the pH less essential. The reason people drink alkaline waters is that the greater pH can help neutralize the acidity that naturally occurs in the bloodstream.

The water’s advocates say this has health benefits that regular water can’t. Most of the time, there are no studies that prove the health benefits of alkaline water over normal water. Studies that have shown positive results have some cautions.

Is alkaline water safe?

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The problem that many health professionals face with alkaline water’s safety isn’t so much the water’s quality. However, it’s the claims about health presented regarding it.

There’s no scientific evidence to justify alkaline water treating any health issue. Medical experts advise against believing all marketing claims. Natural alkaline water is generally considered safe as it has natural minerals.

However, it is essential to exercise cautiously with artificial alkaline water. That is likely to contain less good minerals. Further, its high pH can contain harmful substances. It is imperative for more research to determine its benefits.

Reduce High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol

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In 2016, researchers from Shanghai discovered that after the three to six-month period of drinking alkaline water those with hypertension, elevated blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, high blood cholesterol had less of an effect on these issues.

14 Researchers discovered that high-pH electrolytes reduce blood viscosity or the amount of stickiness and thickness of the blood.

Enhance Hydration

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A study released in Biology of Sport found that drinking alkaline water has positive effects on the level of hydration. Following anaerobic training, with an impressive decrease in specific urine gravity.

Consumption of alkaline waters has a positive impact on pH levels in urine in the anaerobic test procedure. Further, a more efficient lactate utilization following the intense interval exercise.

Along with improving the amount of water consumed, efficient utilization of lactate will result in more energy. Lactate acts as an energy source in the skeletal muscles. Contrary to this, subjects who drank regular water had no change simultaneously.

The results suggest that routine consumption of alkaline drinking water is a beneficial nutritional factor. It affects acid-base balance and hydration state and the energy levels of active, healthy adults.

Improve Bone Health

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There has been some research done on the effect of alkaline drinking on bones. The study published in the journal scientific Bone found a positive impact on bone resorption in people who drank alkaline waters rich with bicarbonate.

Bone resorption occurs when bone cells from the past are destroyed, and replaced with new bone cells. Resorption of bone is less, and a higher mineral density leads to better bone strength.

Prevents cancer

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Alkaline water is a great way to help prevent cancer. There have been claims regarding alkaline water, but there aren’t any evidence-based health benefits as of yet.

Certain research institutions in academia believe that acidic environments could cause the development of cancerous cells.

The essential drinking water doesn’t maintain the neutral pH levels of your blood, nor will it alter the pH of your blood completely. However, you can drink this water to reduce some acid levels in your blood.

Can Help Treat Ovarian Cysts

alkaline water treat Ovarian Cysts

Anecdotal evidence suggests drinking alkaline water may eliminate cysts and treat problems. One study suggests that drinking alkaline water may help alleviate the imbalances in your body. Further, boost the fertility of PCOS patients.

Good for your Heart

alkaline water is good for heart

Alkaline water increases the amount of hydration that is present in your body. Based on research, it is evident that dehydration can cause blood viscosity to increase. It causes heart-related problems like arteriosclerosis and high BP.

It is essential to drink alkaline water to keep your cholesterol and sugar levels in your body. Drinking alkaline water is beneficial for your heart. It helps maintain your sugar levels under control and make sure that your heart stays well-maintained.

Risks and Side Effects

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Being too heavy on alkaline water can upset the body’s delicate pH balance and lead to health issues such as alkalosis.

Water that is alkaline can produce adverse reactions, including nausea vomiting, tremors and confusion.

Drinking water that is alkaline regularly could affect the function of pepsin and reduce the ability of your body to break down proteins on time.

It can also affect your natural pH of stomach acids, which helps kill pathogens and bacteria to keep your body healthy.

If you opt to drink alkaline waters, make sure you drink it moderately and combine it with a balanced nutritious, balanced diet and regular exercise to ensure your body is in top shape. Consult with your doctor or the qualified health professional you trust if you are worried. Conclusion

Consuming everything in moderation is beneficial, and the same applies to alkaline water. Alkaline water offers a variety of advantages for health, but it is recommended that you start drinking it regularly following consultation with your physician.

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that alkaline water can cure or prevent chronic illnesses like cancer.

However, it is impossible to ignore the health benefits water offers, making it an elixir that it has become to the modern world.


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